About Our School

Established in 1978 near Lynnville, Tennessee, Richland serves students in grades 5-12 in the northern areas of Giles County. Like all schools in the Giles County School system, Richland continues to excel in state testing and is well supported by a community that values education.

Our school offers a wide variety of academic, technical and extracurricular programs designed to help students prepare not only for higher levels of study but also for their future career.


Our Vision, Mission & Motto

We envision Richland to be a school recognized by our community as one that is constantly evolving and upholding the highest achievement standards in academics, technology, arts and preparation for the workforce.

Our mission is to maintain a safe and healthy environment in which each student is provided a quality education to reach high standards that meet or exceed state and national standards.

Our School Motto:

Reaching Higher Standards

Richland Raiders




Important Announcements

    • As we continue to get closer and closer to the end of the semester, please remember that all of the State Testing will be very stressful for everyone involved. Our students need plenty of rest in order to perform at an optimal level. We want each of them to be as prepared as they can be, both mentally and physically. Good luck on each of the assessments and just do your very best.

    • Please submit any pictures of our students, athletes and any school activities that you would like to see on our website. Once they are submitted, we will determine if they are able to be placed on the website and we can share them with the community! Email them to lrich@giles.k12.tn.us and they will be placed on the school web page.

    • We again would like to thank the volunteers for coming and helping make our school look amazing. Our PTO has truly made a huge impact on the improvement of our building and grounds. Their dedication and assistance is certainly noticed and very much appreciated. If anyone would like more information concerning the PTO and volunteering to make our school better, please contact Jennifer Doggett. Her e-mail address is listed below.


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