Websites for Parents of Elementary Students



Interactive site with elements that bring setting and characters to life while supporting key skills - comprehension, vocabulary, organizing ideas, writing and more. Follow the link to the Scholastic home page for teacher, parent and student resources.

Flashlight Readers                     

Scholastic Home Page               


Online basic skills games    




Internet4Classrooms - A large collection of grade level skills help pages.



Clifford's Interactive Storybooks -- from Scholastic, simple stories and games to teach reading skills.


Read Me a Book – This is a wonderful site for older beginning readers or ESL, but the phonics lessons would be good for young children, too.   Has daily letters, daily sounds, and books or chapters, all read aloud.

Starfall – is a great beginning reading site.  Short and long vowel sounds, consonants, simple stories are presented in a colorful way.  Free materials are available for the teacher to order.

Houghton Mifflin English -- A very colorful, interactive site with instruction and games on a variety of English topics.  A very well-done site for Grades K - 5.   

Early Literature -- Poems, rhymes, raps, fingerplays, and chants to use with young children.

Saxon Publishers -- select a grade level from the links on the left-hand side of the page to access the interactive games, puzzles and practice problems.  Some activities require Shockwave, but a link is provided for you to click and download this plug-in.

Book-Pop – Web Enhanced Reading Adventure –

 Math Cats -- Math games.

 Math websites:



ArithmAttack -- provides drill on basic facts.


Number Cruncher -- Fast facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  There are three different skill levels which make this site appropriate for grades 1 - 6.  Select from the following four sites, and then select a level:

Addition -;

Subtraction - ;

Multiplication - ;

Division - ; and

Challenger (all four operations in one) -

Seussville University --
A Random House Dr. Seuss site that focuses on early math skills (K-2).


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Math -- This site for all grade levels (pre K - 12) is quite amazing.  It has a graphical representations of most manipulatives used in the math curriculum, and it lets students move them and work with them via the computer mouse.


Piggy Bank -- A fun game for K - 4 to learn to count money.


Pattern Blocks --  This site provides basic shapes to copy and cut out to use as manipulatives and when studying fractions.


AAA Math -- These pages illustrate and provide interactive arithmetic exercises and problems.  They contain a series of basic math lessons.  


Math Games -- A collection from 4 different sites, these provide good math practice for

K - 2.      


Aunty Math - Math challenges for K - 5 learners.


Virtual Manipulatives -- Patterns – good game for completing patterns.


Education 4 Kids – This site allows you to describe the type of flashcards you want in your drill, and then you click to begin the drill.


Teach R Kids – site provides practice in basic math skills.  Worksheets can be completed and scored online, or printed.  This is practice for K – 3, with anything above that considered advanced.           




Prongo – This site provides a variety of games for ages 3 – 12.  The games teach math skills and thinking skills.  The games for young ages are good for developing basic skills for using a mouse.    


AplusMath -- This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills

interactively.   There are games, flashcards and a homework helper.



Internet4Classrooms - A large collection of math sites for all grade levels.



Free reading motivation program for children in grades K-8.  Children create their own book lists, take quizzes and earn points.


Room108 Don’t Wet the Bear

Fun interactive game.  Word lists include:  Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Color words, Dolch action words, Number words 1-16


K-8 Online Animated Interactive Lessons


Free animated online workboods for development of reading and math skills, Grades K-8.  Free printout worksheets


Cornell Theory Center               


Berenstain Bears             




Jan Brett                    




4kids Treehouse             


Enchanted Learning                   


Study Dog—Help for early readers