About Our School

Our Elkton family will continue to push our students to their academic limits in order to best prepare them for a very competitive academic world outside of our building and beyond. We are changing the culture of our school and will never apologize for setting and expecting high levels of academic results for our students.


Giles County Schools Shared Vision

The Giles County School System will provide a successful, challenging educational experience for all students, thus enabling them to meet and exceed grade level expectations, ultimately providing a pathway to college and/or workforce ready.

Giles County Schools Shared Mission

Providing academic excellence in a safe wholesome environment

Our School Motto:

Elkton Spotlight

Entering the spring semester, we would like to encourage everyone to focus on attendance and academics. We are preparing our students for their continued strides in academic success and their attendance is crucial. Together we can meet the needs of our students as we move throughout the school year.


Please check back with us from time to time for updates concerning our school and student activities.


    January 4th GCBOE Meeting
    January 8th Begin Spring Semester
    January 15th Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Please submit any pictures of our students, athletes and any school activities that you would like to see on our website. Once they are submitted, we will determine if they are able to be placed on the website and we can share them with the community! Email them to lrich@gcboe.us and they will be placed on the school web page.