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Text Box: Third—Eighth Grades—New Legislation Effective 2011-2012
Text Box: Beginning with this school year (2011-2012), Tennessee state legislation requires that all school districts count student’s TCAP scores as part of the student’s final grade.  This new law will affect students in grades three through eight (3-8) this year.

The Giles County Board of Education, as required by the law (TCA 49-1-614), has amended School Board policy to reflect this mandate.  The Board of Education’s policy is as follows:

	Student scores on the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program's 
	grades three through eight (3-8) shall comprise twenty (20%) percent of the 
	student's final grade in the spring semester in the subject areas of mathematics, 	reading/language arts, science and social studies.  (Policy #4.700)

This new law means that your child’s TCAP scores will count as twenty percent (20%) of your child’s grade in the spring semester (January – May) for each of the four core subject areas listed in the policy.  

Because of the new law, it is more important than ever for students to take their education seriously and to do their best on the annual state TCAP test, which is administered during the spring semester.  

If you have any questions about this new policy, you may contact your child’s teacher, principal, or the Supervisor of Instruction, Bobbi McMasters (931-363-4558)  for further information.