Text Box: Curriki  -  can search for resources by grade and subject area
Connexions  -  download modules, create them from scratch, or convert from Word docs
CK-12  -  mainly STEM resources for grades 9-12, ability to create your own FlexBook with the 	curriculum that you choose, ability to download and print FlexBooks
HippoCampus  -  can search resources for grades 9-12 by subject area
OER Commons  -  resources searchable by elementary, middle, or high school grades, free textbook 	resources, CTE resources, etc.
Digital Literacy  -  resources listed by subject area, includes educational approaches and links to many 	other resources
Osalt -  software alternatives to well-known commercial software, including educational games, word processors, etc.
Thinkfinity  -  Verizon Foundation's free, comprehensive digital learning platform that gives educators access to over 55,000 educational resources. The site includes panel-reviewed lesson plans, interactive tools, classroom activities, and student materials for grades K - 12. The resources are provided in partnership with leading national educational and literacy organizations. These websites offer resources across all grade levels and multiple curriculum areas.
Open Education Resources  -  list of various open resources web pages for K-12 education (based on the Kansas State Department of Educationís web site)

Text Box: Curriculum & Instruction
Text Box: Open Source Curriculum
Free Resources for K-12
Text Box: An open source curriculum (OSC) is an online instructional resource that can be freely used, distributed, and modified. OSC is based on the open source practice of creating software or products that open up access to source materials or codes. Applied to education, this process invites feedback and participation from developers, educators, government officials, students, and parents and empowers them to exchange ideas, improve best practices and create world-class curricula.