Giles County Schools

Text Box: Kindergarten Readiness Checklist
Text Box: Personal Information

·	Know, recognize, and write first name. (Name should begin with a capital letter with remaining letters in lowercase.)
·	Know their age, phone number, and address.
·	Name and identify parts of the body.
·	Know the proper names of their primary caregivers.

Communication Skills

·	Understand simple questions and give simple answers.
·	Follow simple directions that have one and two steps.
·	Tell someone how they are feeling. 

Preschool Knowledge

·	Understand that books and other forms of print have words written down that tell us things.  Reading to a child will teach this concept.
·	Identify most letters of the alphabet and say the alphabet.
·	Count groups of objects to 10.
·	Name the basic shapes and have practice in drawing them.
·	Know the names of the basic colors.
·	Practice returning items to proper places (toys, personal items…be able to pick up after themselves).
·	Have practice in drawing a person.
·	Know how to hold a pencil or crayon correctly with their thumb and two fingers.
Self-Help Skills

·	Know how to take off and put on shoes and jackets by themselves.
·	Do buttons, snaps, and zippers on the front of their clothes and backpacks.
·	Take themselves to the restroom, without help.
·	Blow their nose by themselves.
·	Feed themselves using the appropriate silverware and table manners.
·	Make food choices.
·	Know how to open a door by turning the knob and how to turn a water faucet on and off.

Social Skills

·	Understand that at school, children are expected to do what their teachers ask.
·	Be comfortable away from their parents or caregiver and with new adults and children.
·	Know how to wait to take turns in games or in giving an answer.
·	Understand that other people have rights and feelings, just as they do.
·	Know when to say “please” and “thank you.”
·	Manage, at least some of the time, to share the use of toys, to work together with other children on a task, and to resist touching things when asked not to touch.
·	Sit quietly for a while, listen to a story, and concentrate on a task.
·	Play with other children without a lot of difficulty.