Elkton School News
January 2011

  Congratulations to eighth grader Anthony South - Student Council Student of the Month of January.  Other sixth, seventh, and eighth graders nominated for this top honor by their homeroom teachers were Dilynn Wray, Destiny Cross, Tori Brasel, Taylor Hill, Zach Daniel, Chrystal Pierce, Tyler Owens, Casie Miller, Alana Carter, Laura Carter, and Kevin Brasel.

  The Lady Elks and Elks defeated the Minor Hill Wildcats on January 6.

  Mrs. Mize would like to congratulate the following students who were selected for the United States National Achievement Academy's Language Arts Award 2012-2011:  Caleb Clem, Briley Gaudette, Destini Harney, Joseph Hobbs, Casie Miller, Tyler Owens, Kailee Rogers, Christiny Seagroves, Kristen Williams, Shaniya Bellefant, Zach Daniel, Jacob Herbertz, Keneisha Love, Kayla Phifer, Chrystal Pierce, Tyneshia Vance, Brenda Kiritkumar, Pesleigh Hall, Jared Allen, Bradley Caldwell, Sarah Williams, Chasity Back, Clayton McAlister, and Anthony South.

  Mrs. Mize would also like to congratulate the following students who had their poems selected for publication in Creative Communication's A Celebration of Poets, Fall 2010:  Jared Allen,  Shaniya Bellefant, Kevin Brasel, Bradley Caldwell, Noah Christianson, Megan Craig, Zach Daniel,  Cliff Garner, Haley Garner, Arianne Gerasimchik, Pesleigh Hall, Destini Harney, Travis Johnson, Colton Jones, Hal Lemon, Jamie Martin, Kayla Phifer, Chrystal Pierce, Johnny Rayburn, Kailee Rogers, Christiny Seagroves, Bradley Thompson, Kristen Williams, and Sierra Witt.

  The annual spelling bee was held on January 21.  The following students placed and will compete in the
county competition on February 8 & 9:

Third Grade:   Jack Drew (1st), Bobby Williams (2nd), Payton Walls (3rd),
Ava Brittain (4th), Anna Woods (5th)

  Fourth Grade:  Bryson Scott (1st), Destiny Blade (2nd), Bonnie Brunko (3rd), Destiny Gray (4th), Jackson Hughes (5th)

  Fifth Grade:  Summer Dingley (1st), Morgan Witt (2nd), Justin Meeker (3rd), Rylie Hill (4th), Alanna Bass (5th)

  Sixth Grade:  Parker Walls (1st), Tori Miller (2nd), Jedidiah Jenkins (3rd),
Kyle Oliver (4th), Autumn Nelson (5th)

  Seventh & Eighth Grade:  Clayton McAlister (1st), Keneisha Love (2nd), Tierra Johnson (3rd), Dylan Gibbs (4th), Sarah Williams (5th),
Kendal Abernathy (6th), Destini Harney (7th), Tyler Trotter (8th),
Hunter Waldran (9th), Haley Witt (10th)

  The homecoming festivities began during the school day on January 24.  The cheerleaders held a "Black Out" pep rally. 
The second and sixth graders won the spirit sticks.  Homecoming began at 5:00 with the crowning of the 2010-2011 queen Alana Carter who was escorted by Clayton McAlister.
Eighth grade attendants were Sarah Williams escorted by Bradley Thompson and Laura Carter escorted by Dakota Crabtree.
Seventh grade attendants - Jackie Conway/ Michael Ledford & Kristen Williams/Caleb Clem Sixth grade attendants - Lauryn Bell/Grant Marshall & Tori Brasel/David McKinney
Fifth grade attendants - Mary Mize/Tucker Duke & 
Summer Dingley/Nathaniel South
Fourth grade attendants - Madison Mitchell/Colby Morris &
Bonnie Brunko/Seth Faulkner
Third grade attendants - Kelsey Mize/Daryon Daniels &
Emma Bass/Makeia Bellefant
Second grade attendants - Kaytie Farley/Ashton Gardner &
Shayann Parlier/Ethan Johnson
First grade attendants - Elizabeth Cox/Jayson Rose &
Lacy Garner/Austin Mayer
Kindergarten attendants - Makaysha Harney/Caleb White &
Taylor Wilburn/Caleb Dickey
Pre-K attendants - Alexandra Hamrick/Hunter Holladay
After the crowning of the queen, the Lady Elks beat the Sacred Heart Lionesses 24-23.  the Elks destroyed the Lions 56-11.

  The Lady Elks and Elks played in the Sweetheart Tournament on January 31 and February 3.  The Lady Elks beat Riverside but fell to Richland and placed second overall.  The Elks won against Minor Hill but lost to Richland and also placed second.

  Mrs. McCullough and Mrs. Gaudette have announced the members of this year's yearbook staff.  The lucky eighth graders are Bradley Caldwell, Alana Carter, Anthony South, Bradley Thompson, Brenda Kiritkumar, Haley Witt, and Ricky Whybrew.